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About me:life is wonderfully unpreditcable and i want to love, be loved and dance and smile and end up somewhere least expected. if your reading this i want to meet you! people are fucking beautiful, and the family is ever growing and changing lets be friends or lovers and take over the world. i love good food, and mountain air and an urban lifestyle. i love making new friends. i love planning and going to a show with your friends and fucking dancing it harder then anyone at the show. (or least we think so). i love unabashed, i dont give a fuck who is looking, grimey dancing, and i like watching my friends do it more! i enjoy walking through the city and taking in its energy. i like bumbing beat too loud, out of shitty speakers while i am drunk in my friends car!i enjoy smiles from strangers and putting on music when i am getting ready to go. i like getting my shit done, so i dont have to worry when i party. work hard, play hard. i am from a small town, where music became a lifestyle and friends were forged for a lifetime. in all the places i have ever gone i have made new friends and i cherish these relationships more then anything else life has ever bestowed upon me
Member Since:July 3, 2006
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Location:San Rafael, CA
Birthday:October 18
Music means to me:one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. hit me with music! The most wonderful moments of my life, moments that cant be explained by the word happiness were provided by music. music has provided memories in my life that are unmatched by anything that has ever happened to me or anyone else ever. Music helps to define me, its energy is an entity i tap into to loose myself. music has changed the course of my life and continues too. i have made amazing friends through the outlet of music. for as long as i can remember music has been influencing me, some of my earliest memories are of my mom singing to me. i cannot put into words the influence of music in my life. Regardless of where you are from, where you are going, your race, ethnicity, or beliefs music can bring you together. when i am at a show and the beat is pulsing through the crowd and its energy is engulfing your every thought to the point you have no thought, it doesnt matter who is next to you because you know that they are feeling what you are feeling and its fucking amazing. thank you for music.

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