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About me:I'm a musician, just recently moved to south FL. If you're interested in a jam, check out my craigslist post and email me if you feel your heart's intrigued:
Member Since:August 30, 2007
Last Login:June 18, 2013
Location:Hollywood, FL
Birthday:February 26
Music means to me:Music is special.
General Interests:guitar, tone, pedals, Umphrey's, meditation, Harry Potter, polyphasic sleeping, dreams, lucid dreams, Spider-Man, interesting conversations, kind people, change, arguing, Buddhism, calculus, new music, Japanese culture/language, passionate speakers,, philosophy, and boardgames.. lots and lots of boardgames.
Other Distractions:"If the gentleman forsakes benevolence, in what way can he make a name for himself? The gentleman never deserts benevolence, not even for as long as it takes to eat a meal. If he hurries and stumbles, one may be sure that it is in benevolence that he does so."


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