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About me:Hey there... i'm ashley. 24. happy dancin fool. As with most people on here I love music, shows, camping, campfires, sing-a-longs, listen-ins and all that jazz...
I'm pretty laidback and dramafree.
Much Love,
Member Since:May 14, 2008
Last Login:December 17, 2010
Location:Reston, VA
Birthday:July 24
Music means to me:A powerful physics lesson... the music moves me and all those with their spirits open to it.
Schools:University of Miami. English and Philosophy Majors, minors in gender, religion, and classical antiquities
General Interests:International Relations, philosophical and theological discussions, good eatin, drinkin, smokin, and lovin'... pretty simple actually.
Other Distractions:Reading, writing, spending time with my family and friends, enjoying nature, enjoying culture, and journey in between the two.


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looking forward to spaghetti
Fri 6/27/2008 5:59PM
I'm looking forward to another money show... they never disappoint.
Radiohead 5/11/8 Nissan
Mon 5/12/2008 2:03PM
    COLD, WET, AND MUDDY>>> but i was still rockin' it out with Farah...