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About me:I'm unique, just like everybody else.
I care a whole lot about others. I really love it when I am able to do something to make people happy. I care a whole lot about the Earth. I really love it when I'm able to clean up and beautify my surroundings. I like to share my thoughts sometimes and other times I prefer to listen. I give great Zerberts!
Member Since:February 21, 2002
Last Login:About 4 days ago
Location:Richmond, VA
Birthday:March 17
Music means to me:Freedom
General Interests:feng shui of dinner plates, cooking gourmet vegan meals, the smell of the 70's, volunteering, alternate breathing techniques, crystal bowl singing, travel to unique places, finding inexpensive treasures--people with big smiles
Other Distractions:I like to be focused--even on entertainment


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