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About me:I am the life of the party. I love to make new friends all over the world. I camp, go to festivals, travel, write, play guitar, harmonica, and drums. I am dedicated to my music and I am active in volunteer work. I am a student curently and starving musician. The starving part isnt true but I play with a band. We call ourselves the Volunteers!
Member Since:February 18, 2005
Last Login:May 3, 2014
Location:Janesville, WI
Birthday:July 25
Music means to me:EVERYTHING If it wasnt for music I dont think I would be here today. I eat sleep and breath music. I love The Grateful Dead!!!They inspired me to become a musician. And since I was a youngen when they were touring I also have the utmost respect for Phish. I toured with them and I learned alot about the road. Music seriously makes my world go round. Call me cheesy but I dont care! Peace
Schools:Madison Media Institute, Madison Area Technical College
General Interests:MUSIC, Festivals, camping, traveling, reading, writing music, playing the guitar, hanging out with the fam, friends, Music, music, and did I say music?
Other Distractions:I am a movie junkie. I hate flipping channels I enjoy watching movies. I have seen alot! I also really like Jack Kerouac and Harry Potter. You know its cool!


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