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About me:Interests include, but not limited to: backgammon, games, traveling, camping, surfing, festivaaaals, teeth, poi, road trips, lacrosse, catering, ping pong, community service, bbqs, national parks, blackjack, fun facts, burning man, costumes, making new friends and FRISBEE
Member Since:January 14, 2005
Last Login:April 6, 2015
Location:Santa Cruz, CA
Birthday:November 21
Music means to me:It's what makes me the most happy. It dictates my mood and brings me joy. I associate experiences with it and it drives creativity, endurance, motivation and excitement. It brings people together and helps create memories and associations. When life throws you a curve ball and it seems like nothing is left, there is always music. No one can ever take music away from me and for that I am eternally grateful.
Schools:The American School In Switzerland, Miramonte High School, University of Auckland, Lafayette College


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