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About me:i luv 2 hang out w/ friends @ the mall or @ a local park. i luv 2 go 2 parties jus 2 have fun. i'm constantly listenin 2 cds or the radio. as long as u can keep a conversation goin & makin me laugh non stop, we'll get along GREAT!!!! (even if u constantly have 2 be perverted!!) guys, i don't care wat u look like, as long as ur FUNNY! ladies, i'll b ur best friend BUT don't piss me off! i'm very protective w/ my friends, unless u hurt me. then don't think 2 even try 2 become my friend again. but i'm a VERY social butterfly!!!
Member Since:September 1, 2007
Last Login:October 24, 2007
Location:Mayport, PA
Birthday:November 8
Music means to me:A LOT!!!!
Schools:High school student!! (10th grader)
General Interests:traveling 2 new places, learning about other cultures, meeting people, &makin new friends, basically.
Other Distractions:GUYZ!!!!!!!!!


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