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About me:life, music, adventure loving girl
Member Since:July 16, 2006
Last Login:July 16, 2006
Location:Mount Zion, IL
Birthday:July 16
Music means to me:music to me is a constant.. not a minute goes by without a song playing in my head or in my ears; every life needs a soundtrack
General Interests:hanging out outside, especially in the woods with good conversation and a bottle or two of wine, reading anything i can get my hands on, napping, dreaming, learning things from and about other people's experiences, coffee, tobacco, meeting people not at all like me, exactly like me, and everything in between, weekly beer drinking-volleyball excursions
Other Distractions:national geographic, any book about bob dylan, "i love the" series, COPS (the tv show), anything on the learning channel or history channel


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