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About me:I'm Jen. My dream is to have loads of cash to travel to all of the great festivals. As it stands, I see shows here in Maine, New Hampshire, Mass. I HEART moe. soooo much. It hurt me down deep inside to miss moe.down in 2006. It's official, I'm a moe.ron. I like jambands and singer/songwriter stuff. I wish people in general were as cool as the folks at festivals, where kindness abounds. This world wouldn't be in such a sad state.
Member Since:February 26, 2007
Last Login:June 8, 2011
Location:Biddeford, ME
Birthday:July 24
Music means to me:good vibrations, dancing, bringing together people who might not cross paths otherwise. Discovering new music and bands and seeing killer shows gets me so high.
"I am here to dance the dream
in my sacred human form...

Dancing through life's lessons,
I will learn to move with grace,
while I dream of remembering
the potential of the human race."
-Jamie Sams
Dancing the Dream: the 7 sacred paths

Schools:University of Southern Maine
General Interests:music, reading, seeing close friends, cooking, playing outside, beaches, picnics, camping, hugging trees (just kidding, but I like trees).
Other Distractions:movies: crash, spun, eternal sunshine, napolean dynamite, school of rock, spinal tap, music dvds, donnie darko, anchorman, etc.
tv: family guy, grey's anatomy, desperate housewives, I don't get cable so I rent stuff mostly.
Books: mostly fiction sprinkled with graphic novels and a memoir here and there.


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