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My mom, Suzy Greenberg
Wed 12/5/2007 3:09PM
My mom’s name is Suzy Greenberg, I was born to be a Phish fan, it was unavoidable. When Phish announced their Miami New Years run of 2003, I was thrilled. My whole family was already set to be in Miami during that time. I figured this may be the only time my mom, Suzy Greenberg, would get the chance to see the band who so lovingly wrote a song bearing her name. So I set off on a mission; a mission to request that Phish play Suzy Greenberg on 12/28/03, the night my mom said she would go to the show. I knew this would be no simple task, but I decided to go for it anyway. So I constructed a letter to Phish and started emailing it out to any related email address I could think of (ie:,,, I first emailed it a few months before the show, and would then resend it every few weeks. And then as the magical day of 12/28/03 quickly approached, I sent the email out once a week, and then finally every day for the 2 weeks leading up to the show. I’m sure I drove all of them crazy