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About me:Quite by accident, I'm a spontaneous, documentary-style photographer focusing on raw beauty and performance art in their purest forms ( I also publish upscale direct mail coupon magazines ( and frequent local, regional and national musical and other events in the Northampton area . I mountain bike, hike, play disc golf, and envy domestic cats. I want to explore more people, places and ideas. You down?
Member Since:September 21, 2002
Last Login:August 31, 2011
Location:Hadley, MA
Birthday:October 2
Music means to me:Music has way too many personal meanings to sum up in "300 characters max." Primarily, music connects me to other people in some very cosmic, unspoken ways, but it can also radically affect my mood and physiology in complete solitude.
Schools:PhD dropout from the Human Services arena, Masters in Rehabilitation Psychology completed at UConn, Bachelor's in Public Relations also from UConn ( a very Liberal Arts degree)
General Interests:Exploration, adventure, people, places, words & ideas, just to name a few things in less than 100 measly characters...
Other Distractions:"Love is everything and everything's a distraction." FQ Orrall (Poi dog Pondering).

"It's hard work that makes love stay." Tom Robbins (Still Life w/Woodpecker).

"It's hard to work with so much distraction" -Me


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