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About me:A simple man. A lazy man. I like to read, take road trips and listen to, play, and be in the presence of music.
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Phish Fall of 96
Thu 11/15/2007 9:24AM

Unfortunately, Phish didn't do any shows in the North East for the Fall 96 tour. So I wasn't able to see them. However, I could tell you about the Fall 94 tour.

My friends and I started out at the Glens Falls Civic Center in New York for the legendary Halloween White Album Extravaganza. I remember starting a whistle-a-long in the Burger King next door to the venue. It was a slight drizzle outside and many a Phish phan had sought refuge and toilets inside the Burger King. My friends and I sat at a table in the back and started whistling the whistling section of Reba and eventually the entire place was whistling along with us. Imagine our amazement when Phish broke into Reba, whistling section intact, during the first set. It was my second Phish concert, and I had floor tickets. I was literally feet from Fish's wang when he decided to bare it all and dance among the bubbles on stage. Page walked across the stage to join the rest of the band with a look of absolute bemusement, smirking with head in hand.