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About me:Gonna take my time
Before I pick the next way Im gonna run to
Gonna take my time
Before I find the next heart I'll give my soul to
But if time runs out
I swear I'll find a way to keep on goin

Up on the corner, of life, Im standin, just standin, kinda doin nothin
Bydin my time
I'm standin, seein, the world float by my eyes its almost blindin
I should feel priveledged
But my feet are on the ground, but my mind is ten miles high
And I dont seem to see, all the this and back and forth thats goin on in front of me

Im sittin here, just thinkin, about the pavement, under my feet, and the blue, the blue, in the sky
And it should be a deep, deep feelin that I get, but not, for I know its only time, time, time, time
Though my mouth maybe shut, the voice in my head sings a million tunes
And I dont seem to see, all the this and back and forth thats goin on in front of me
Member Since:March 24, 2011
Last Login:November 24, 2014
Location:Fort Smith, AR
Birthday:December 22
Music means to me:If you would only start to live one moment at a time, You would, I think, be startled by the things that you would find. Like scents you never noticed, and many subtle sounds. Like colors in the landscape and textures on the town. Then the winds would lift you up into the sky above. Where you'd be treated to a view of everything you love. And if the moment passes, you should try it once again. For if you do it right you'll find the moment never ends. If you would stop and notice that we number every day. But allow the many moments left uncounted slip away. You don't have to count them, just enjoy them one by one. And things would take a different hue and sparkle in the sun. The winds would lift you up into the sky.The winds would lift you up into the sky above. Where you would see a trail ...of treasure, memories you love. A rainbow record of the thoughts and moments you've enjoyed. Arcs behind the Earth as spectral colors in the void. ?phish
Schools:University of Arkansas- Fort Smith

i work till midnight, alone, at the newspaper. i like it that way. i can wear what i want, pj's or some other inappropriate attire, turn off all the lights, walk around barefoot, and listen to loud music. but i'm the one who proofs and sends the newspaper digitally to the press every night so about 70,000 people in the river valley who subscribe get their newspaper on time in the morning without errors in the copy, ads, or photos. things that would be noticeable and things that only people with a certain eye would catch. CMYK or gray, bitches! i also make a lot of ads, work on a plethora of the magazines we publish, edit and scan photos or anything else of nature that would get printed. i'm just one piece of the puzzle and definitely behind the scenes. i also get to multi-task and watch dvd's while working. perks. i like what i do. it works for now while i just float along. and that's the blue collar side of me. i also freelance. ideally, i would like to move somewhere and get an even 'badderasser' creative job, but i need experience. so for now, i'm content on getting that experience.
General Interests:if i'm not creating, i'm absorbing everything like a sponge. i love to learn constantly through human interaction, people watching especially in airports, the history and discovery channel are my faves, i love every abstract subject- culture, art, philosophy, the universe, science, myths, the ancients, aliens, religion, wars, inventions, etc, etc, etc! also like just going places taking in everything around me with all my given senses available and sometimes heightened to new levels. i have a full and cluttered mind, like little filing cabinets overflowing in my head. i am also a simple person, not too needy, but sometimes wanty, lol. i am low maintenance, laid-back and so easy to get along with. just don't upset me by lying. biggest pet peeve. i let myself feel other certain ways and try to not let if effect my behavior, but that's my loyalty and love to a fault. it also really bothers me if you are having some problem with me and i'm the one under the gun. i want to make it right asap, almost have to for my emotional health and wellbeing. i do care what others i feel i know alot, yet succeed more with the mindset that i know nothing. it's sometimes hard for me to pinpoint my feeling and point of view because i can be indecisive and i'd like to think that i see many aspects of everything i encounter. i can't always spit it out- original thoughts or especially retelling stories, but if you really get to know me, you learn to read me between the lines. i can be quite dislexic i'll warn you, the worst when i'm sober. ha. don't take that the wrong way. i am definitely a visual learner with horrible short-term memory and when i get old i know my hearing is the first thing that will go. i have baby-sized ears, really i do, and they don't take in sound well, or maybe i just have selective hearing, or so i'm told. i'm not afraid to admit my short-fallings and imperfections, but i do embrace them. i just love life even if i am having low moments or wrapped in a "normal" mindset being sheepishly human and trivial, which happens, but it comes down to just loving being able to feel everything for what it is. i can be moody, weird, depressive, bipolar i think, bubbly, contagious, thoughtful, over-analytical, ocd about the strangest and smallest things when i'm alone and only i know about it, a lazy perfectionist with a horrible habit of procrastinating
Other Distractions:i am fascinated by the meta-physical, spirits, ufos and the worldwide similar phenomena that is reported that our way of science can't explain, yet cannot be ignored. i'll write about religion later. i am writing all this in hope to give you a glimpse in the way i think and feel in terms of the world around me and how i relate to it, fit in or not. i'm a walking contraditions. i can walk around looking at things for hours- shopping for things i don't need but i find so curious because we created it, and then walk around in nature, because well, it exists somehow. i am a floater and i mean that in a few abstract ways. i'm an only child. sometimes i have to be rescued from myself. i just love being. i want to experience, almost everything, and i mean that, once. if i can live through it, even if it seemingly breaks my spirit. i may sound a bit crazy, and that's exactly how i feel at times, so if this turns you off because of whatever take you have on life, or because your simply intimidated then read no further. i don't really care, yet i do. but really, it'll be aiight. ;) like i said. i'm a weirdo at heart. haahahah.
if alphabet soup, or cereal if you will, could fill me up, or sum me up, they would spell out these words in my belly chopped up words and liver stew. short-term memory loss. being me and loving you. mUSic definitly. living. loving. learning. general appreciation. respect. kissing. hugging. dancing. ghosts. spine tingling moments. oil painting. art of all kinds. graphic design. hacking into your brain. human beings and not expecting too much. camping. fishing. fire. cookies. comfy beds and quiet rooms with the fan on. reflection. writing. helping out others. work ethic. school. reading. poetry. losing things on regular basis, like keys and phone. setting my own standards. intelligent conversation. self-taught. the moment when sounds and colors take hold. not of the ordinary. florida time. a lil solitary time is good for me. capability. expression. funny faces. the beauty in everything. quotes. neat places. movies. cuddling. nature. the ocean. fireworks. sleeping. eating. talking. i like being slightly on the non-obligated side when it comes to things. spelunking. being able to look up and smile. laughing. looking at the stars and sunsets. the only thing i really hate is laundry. otherwise, my peaceful easy feeling. uncontrollable bouts of laughter and non-sense. hiking. bike rides. plethora of books, both fiction and non. memoirs/psychological/self-help books interest me most. photography, especially black and white. straight hair. guitar hero. curly hair. au natural. colors in the landscape. spirituality. my crazy cool dreams that i have every single night. i could write a book. textures on the town. all my scents. calming down madhatters. barefooted'ness. magazines. tea. coffee. love in general. sweet talk. impersonations. being goofy, for real. realizations. personal growth. putting the puzzle pieces together. candlelight. moonlight. bumming it. pjs. not too much of the material world. car rides to imaginary places. or real ones. i'm good at guessing things and am no good at keeping secrets when it comes to gift giving. i get too excited. wonderful company. realizing that it's all within yourself and that life flows on within you and without you. basically. in a nut shell. minimalism. i refuse capital letters. i like to have fun, and by definition i mean that i'm up for almost anything. crazy life stories. the tides. dasani water is my favorite. exhilarating transgression. concussive, nonlinear rhythms. mad-dog guitar algebra. bloody-nightmare suites sung in bilingual free verse. appetizing, much. mythology. people watching. traveling..


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