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About me:I'm an old soul that really just enjoys coming home, turning onto side one of the "Cahoots" album and jamming out to "Life is a Carnival" toking on something real nice...
Member Since:October 31, 2006
Last Login:September 24, 2008
Location:Jackson, MS
Birthday:May 16
Music means to me:A composition of different sounds mixed with emotions life can bring..sometimes good and sometimes sad, but either way it pulls you through. Always there for us to find ourselves again and again.
General Interests:Meeting new people, laughing hard, endulging in delicious imports, my local pub, dancing my heart out, being silly, Van Morrison, earthtones, long curls, my dog, chapstick, a steamy shower, the smell of fresh coffee, seeing old friends, traveling through the country, festivals, red wine, environmentally friendly bumper stickers, spreading the love, laying out poolside with megan, driving with the windows down, watching the sunset, the sound of the ocean, animals, pitching a tent, laying in the grass


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