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About me:self described weirdo, clumsy, bad speller, love to eat ice cream, obsessed with lobsters,like to take baths instead of showers, i love plants but for some reason mine always die, i constantly lose things(ie...the remote, my keys). i like the feeling of waking up and knowing what i was just dreaming about but most days i don't remember. i like finding cool rocks and sea shells, places that are full of personality, history,and culture. i want to travel. i've never been out of north america but, i hope to go to ireland, australlia, italy, and amsterdam before i die. I'm working really hard on opening my own music venue, but it is a dream to be acheived(hopefully sooner than later)....Colorado here i come. I dig green tea & chai. I love cirque du soleil. dank wheat beers, berryweisse and woodchuck cider are my choice alcholic beverages. my favorite shirts are from the thrift store. i'm most comfy in holy jeans and old tee's but my mom says i clean up nice .
Member Since:June 28, 2005
Last Login:August 2, 2007
Location:DeKalb, IL
Birthday:April 2
Music means to me:"Music is the Best" I love listening to all kinds of tunes, especially...FRANK ZAPPA, primus, the mutaytor, keller williams, sausage, the grateful dead, les claypools fearless flying frog brigade, oysterhead, colonel claypools bucket of bernie brains, praxis, material, ALO, mofro, Bass Nectar, Green Lemon, papa mali, herbie hancock, miles davis, deathcubek, giant robot, gigi, deli creeps, bill laswell, steve kimock, Assembly of Dust, the black crowes, blind melon, bob marely, the postal service, the flaming lips, nuetral milk hotel, jah wobble, weezer, ween, karl denson, particle, sound tribe sector nine, toots & the maytals, jimmy hendrix, the who, the pimps,they might be giants, red hot chili peppers, delta nove, dj q-bert, james brown, umphrey's mcgee, jack johnson, george clinton & parliment, fareed haque, wilco, the roots, wyclef, tabla beat science, perpetual groove, widespread panic, the talking heads, the police, CSN&Y, beck, catch 22, pink floyd, smashing pumpkins, the tossers, toadies, MMW, mr. blotto, new monsoon, j. davis trio, NWA, liquid soul, spacklebury, the word, led zepplin, tool, radiohead, rancid, MU330, blue meanies, suicide machines, op ivy, chick corea, weather report, rjd2, the cougars, nin, david bowie, KING CRIMSON
Schools:Morris Community High School
Joliet Junior College
General Interests:bonfires, drum circles, going to festivals, camping, cooking, watching shows about cooking, concerts,drawing, painting, reading, rollerskating, hanging out with my dog Zappa(she's a mini wire-haired daushaund, that means wiener dog), grilling out, relaxing with mary jane, lizards, star gazing, chillin@the beach, making jewlery, hula-hooping, scrabble, PINBALL MACHINES, skee-ball, bowling, disc golf(it's fun even when i suck!)
My Heros:Buckethead, Frank Zappa, Hulk Hogan, Henry Rollins, Ed Rosenthal
Other Distractions:donnie darko, the burbs, pee wee's big adventure, edward scissorhands, the goonies, STARWARS, the lord of the rings, bottlerocket, rushmore, royal tenenbaums, the life aquatic, dazed and confused, mallrats, chasing amy, the evil dead, amelie, waking life, office space, big fish, true romance, sean of the dead, outside providence, o brother where art thou, kill bill I & II, boondocks saints, my blue heaven, half baked, hudsucker proxy, the big lebowski, fargo, the virgin suicides, fight club, memento, sin city, desparado, once upon a time in mexico, army of darkness, halloween, the exorcist, wayne's world I & II, back to the future, home alone, the cell, dummy, crash, kung fu hustle, beetlejuice, the laybrinth, the cableguy, enter the dragon & any other bruce lee flicks!
Books:choke, diary, fight club, survivor, lullaby, invisible monsters, haunted-chuck palanuik black coffee blues, get in the van-henry rollins siddhartha-herman hesse anthem, the fountainhead, atlas shrugged-ayn rand dharma bums, on the road-jack kerouac the rum diary-hunter s. thompson the godfather-mario puzo
tv:futurama, iron chef, robot chicken, wild chicago, aqua teen hunger force, harvey birdman, spaceghost, family guy, law & order, history's mysteries, bill nye the science guy. Along with anything on adult swim, I also like the travel channel, the history channel and the food network.


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