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About me:peace i'm lee and i like doing drugs and hitting girls! i also like to crash cars while drinking and driving. duis are a bitch. i punched this bitch in the face then fucked her brains out just for a dare. she was unconscious the whole time. i like getin drunk and sliding out of windows....oh and i love kitties. ive been told many times i have an excellent oh! face for all you males out there. jk!
Member Since:October 18, 2006
Last Login:September 25, 2015
Location:Dodge Center, MN
Birthday:July 8
Music means to me:eveything
Schools:umm....cant rememeber my hi skool name. doodge cennta i think butt they didnt teach me much ilearnt from da street in my badass hood of 2nd st.
General Interests:drugs, bumming $ off of ppl wit no intention of ever paing them back


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