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About me:I live here and I'll be damned if every day isn't enriching and fun. I love going to a structured classroom and getting onto the dance floor to forget time entirely. People who follow their passions and make the people around them feel good are my inspiration. I think that traveling is an essential component for my life and creates character in people that I like to share when stories are being swapped.
Member Since:August 21, 2008
Last Login:August 22, 2008
Location:Santa Rosa, CA
Birthday:August 14
Music means to me:Music means an outlet of creative energy. It is fresh and stepping out of comfort zones to create it, to dance to it and to become immersed in music. I've experienced a deep sense of connection to life faster through music than any other way.
Schools:I'm enrolled at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Will be transferring to a four year for economics degree.
General Interests:Spiritual growth, traveling without an agenda, going to see a full solar eclipse, and finding the grooviest people on the block to groove with.
Other Distractions:girls, iPhone, computers, college classes, the economist, xo laptop, family, love.


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