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About me:I'm 27 and new to Nashville from Austin, TX. I love traveling and seeing music. I have access to tons of Widespread Panic, Grateful Dead, and other hatpins/ memorabila through my brothers at the Pin Mafia who make quality pins and t-shirts collaborating with popular artists on many scenes, young and old. I also have an external hard drive, among 4 0ther really close friends who are all into trading music. Literally every Grateful Dead Show available, same with Widespread Panic and lots of Phish, Cheese, and Bluegrass of all sorts. In addition, there's plenty of old school hip hop and gangster rap to fill in the blanks, followed by new and old music of all sorts. Trade with me. In addition, my girlfriend, Michelle, sells high quality feather earrings and hair extensions for the female music listeners and girlfriends out there.
Member Since:May 6, 2012
Last Login:May 21, 2012
Location:Nashville, TN
Birthday:November 21
Music means to me:Common language, meeting place, best friends of my life I've met through widespread panic, freedom, fuck the man, rock and roll, bluegrass, old school country.... It means freedom of choice to be different and listen to good shit by good people and let everyone else asleep jam the radio. It's been a pulse in my veins for many years.
Schools:Lindale High School, Tyler Junior College, Proschools online Real Estate course prep
General Interests:Fly fishing, dogs, rivers, camping, bbq, cooking, drinking, trading music, bowling, making friends and memories, family and working hard
Other Distractions:Widespread Panic is a constant direction changer from a historical point of view. One beast I just can't contain, when the boys call it's game time. Nothing has been able to hold me back yet. Addiction is more like it.


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