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About me:I'm all about my grade 12 so I can put my thoughts down when they go around.
Member Since:December 26, 2010
Last Login:September 12, 2015
Location:Marion, ND
Birthday:March 1
Music means to me:music means concerts, chicks and FUN
General Interests:Cool stuff, pornography, T.V. , Videos, chicks, riding my bike, cars, rock concerts, metal, metal concerts, cigarettes, joints, B.T's, hits, older sluts, ketchup, porno, cigarettes, taking a shit - OUTSIDE, rubbing my ball sack, smelling my #2, pornos
Other Distractions:fries and gravy, McDonald's, hot dogs, pepperoni, pizza, pop, beers, McDonald's, fries and ketchup, Pepsi, Vaseline, Jenna Jameson, porn stars, internet, online, my dirty socks, skid marks on my underwear, worms, when I fart and shit my pants, leftovers in my pants after pulling my goalie, burning shit, melting firecrackers, spreading fresh shit on my friend's hair, pissing on my friends while they're sleeping, putting soiled underwear in there mouths when there sleeping, licking vag, tongue in a chicks butt, rubbing up against things, smashing my head on hard surfases. Rock hard.


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