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About me:My life has been nothing but a story that began with a dream. I have one of those walk where it looks like I'm stepping one foot foreword but going two steps back. I've never been handed anything in life, had to work my ass off for all of it ...but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love life and am thankful for every day on this earth. I'm a hippie at heart with a protective outside. I come off as someone with a hell of an attitude when I don't know you, but at heart I try and find the best in everyone. I'd much rather love you than hate you. I got confidence like no other ...I was raised by 3 males ...what do you expect? I've lived a life most people wouldn't be able to comprehend, but it's been amazing. I love music it brings me a happiness nothing else can. Children are like the air in my lungs. I'm what some would call heavily pierced, and I have 3 tattoos at the moment. I'd have a lot more if I wasn't so goddamn poor. I also drink and smoke and I can't stand people that have a problem with it. If you don't want to smoke/drink that's fine but these are my lungs and liver I'll do as I please. I got a mouth on me like a sailor, but I'm polite when I need to be. I love my friends and loyal to them before anyone else. You mess with them I will fuck you up.I will fight for what I believe in, until it kills me. I don't give up for anyone or anything. I respect other people, as long as they respect me. The way I see it is people are always gonna talk, but to tell you the truth I love it. I love the attention. I love the power it gives me. I do what I do because it puts a smile on face and I am the only one that really matters.
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Location:North Reading, MA
Birthday:January 19
Music means to me:I love music it brings me a happiness nothing else can.


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