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About me:Loving, caring, fun and funky...i heart music.
Member Since:June 15, 2008
Last Login:September 27, 2010
Location:Springfield, MO
Birthday:July 21
Music means to me:Music brings out the soul in people. The creators, the listeners, we all have been touched by a special song in one way or another. It takes you on a journey, tells you the story, and by the end you have found and reinvented yourself again. It is a universal language that the whole world can understand and it brings complete strangers together with common ground. It is wisdom and a window to a better feeling of understaning culture. It's the life in us.
Schools:Hollister High school
University Of Missouri
General Interests:Books, Journalism, movies, outdoors, baking.
Other Distractions:commercials, sleep, the couch.


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