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About me:Im a a musician and student first and foremost. Transplanted from Ct., I'm Currently a West Hollywood resident. Reading and playing that's about it, about me.
Member Since:May 29, 2009
Last Login:May 10, 2012
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Birthday:February 3
Music means to me:Everything! Truly, music is the basis of life, the universe, & everything! String theory is well on it's way to actually proving this! The universe is vibrating strings ay? Sound familier? What se make beutiful use of vibrating strings? You guessed it... Music.
Schools:Left eye of houras, right eye of hourus, egyption school of mystery, school house rock, I will school you :)
General Interests:Love, Dancing, Meditating, stretching, breathing, Astral Projection, theosophy, Technology etc.
Other Distractions:Chemical distractions have had a tendancy to arise throught various portions of this life of mine. ¬°Support Legalization!


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