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About me:Since their conception in the spring of 2005, Asheville North Carolina based Kung Fu Dynamite has been infusing their sound with intense energy and power pushing the envelope by cross pollenating all genres of Modern American Music. With their roots steeped in rock, blues, funk and jazz, the band has taken carefully crafted song structure and combined it with free form improvisation striving to keep the dynamics of their music fresh and unpredictable. Kung Fu Dynamite has developed a strong regional following by performing throughout the Southeast.
Kung Fu Dynamite has crafted an epic sound infused with funky backbeats and vivacious horn lines. Not to be restricted to classic influences, Kung Fu Dynamite has traveled widely through a diverse array of sounds, injecting their music with fun and intense energy reminiscent of a combination ranging from Frank Zappa to Tower of Power.
The band is comprised of Sean McFee on bass/ vocals, Kelly Hannah on guitar/vocals, Cilff Adair on trumpet/vocals, Paulie Juhl on tenor sax/vocals, Paul Handsman on percussion/vocals, JP (The White Shadow) on trombone, and Lindsey Liden holdin' it down on drums.
The sound encompasses funky grooves with heavy twists. Kung Fu Dynamite strives to create a constant spontaneity to the music taking it in whatever direction their live performance takes. Soulful lyrics create vivid imagery while the instrumentation develops dark overtones within the sound. No matter where Kung Fu Dynamite takes the stage, it’s sure to be an explosive good time!
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