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About me:adventures, surprises, live music and love baby
Member Since:July 17, 2006
Last Login:September 26, 2010
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:December 29
Music means to me:"the backscratcher to the heart" a fine man once said
Schools:School of the Arts highschool SF CA, Carlbrook School VA, Brevard College NC, Portland State University OR
General Interests:shows, friends, soccer, water skiing, running, my dog, drinking, beaches, mountains, bonfires, laughing, clearlake, smoking, dancing
Other Distractions:(books) to kill a mokingbird, under the banner of heaven, the alchemist, clockwork orange, the stranger, requiem for a dream, life of pi, me talk pretty one day, fight club (movies) big lebowski, c&c up in smoke, pulp fiction, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, dead man walking, dogma, donnie darko (tv) umm adult swim, history channel, or court tv


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