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About me:Well I just got into the scene last year when a smart friend of mine decided to take me to Bonnaroo. And ever since then I've been trying to go to as many live shows as I can afford. I went to Wakarusa this summer and that was awesome! But I dunno everything just seems to be falling into place, like I'm finally starting to become the person who I was meant to be.
Member Since:December 5, 2005
Last Login:August 11, 2010
Location:Atlanta, GA
Birthday:February 23
Music means to me:Music used to not mean so much to me, and that was because I wasn't listening to the right music. But now that I've found my scene, music has become so much more to me. I never listen to the radio anymore, and I live to go see live shows!
Schools:Kennesaw State University, and Roffler Cosmetology School starting in September.
General Interests:going to live shows, listening to music, chillen with the home cats, making that money, talking on the phone, traveling, and the coast of georgia where I'm from!
Other Distractions:I don't belive in watching tv, I feel as if it's a vast wasteland and I'm not going to subject myself to it. I would rather be outside or listening to some good sci jams!


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