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About me:Currently I live a pretty complacent life. I work 2 jobs, and when I'm not getting my corporate grind on, I dabble in acoustic guitar and fire spinning.
Member Since:December 18, 2010
Last Login:October 19, 2013
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:August 4
Music means to me:It's like the force, if each note was an individual midichlorean(?) Music is the slow vibration of the universe that binds us all together in this realm of physical limitations.
General Interests:Someday I aspire to be a blues guitarist. Lately I've been looking into resonator guitars played in open tuning, using a slide. It's my 10 year plan.
Other Distractions:Lights, coffee, tetrahydrocanabinol (he is of the feline species), and keeping my body fit and healthy


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