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About me:I'm just a man. Living in Portland. Seeking out some excitement, some adventure, some good music, y'know. I like the city. I love the country. I greatly dislike new country music, but I love bluegrass of any vintage. Show me some genuine, intelligent, fun-loving people to hang with and I'm a happy man.
Member Since:June 17, 2004
Last Login:July 14, 2010
Location:Portland, OR
Birthday:June 12
Music means to me:A lot of a lots...
Schools:University of Montana, Missoula
General Interests:The outdoors, hiking, genuine people, food, drink, merriment, dancing, road trips, festivals, wildlife, reading, girls, sundresses (not on me, of course), good conversation, shootin' some stick.
Other Distractions:I am hopelessly distracted by everything that crosses my path...and I love being distracted by learning things I don't know about and by deepening the understanding of those that I do.


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