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About me:I'm a Mississippi girl, born and bred, with an obsession with Widespread Panic. I am a Graphic Designer by trade, but am taking sometime off for the moment.

I recently moved to Denver, CO after 6 months in Las Vegas. I didn't much enjoy Vegas but instantly fell in love with Denver. This is definitely my new though I miss Oxford and all my friends back in Mississippi.
Member Since:August 10, 2005
Last Login:July 2, 2008
Location:Denver, CO
Birthday:October 1
Music means to me:Music is a way for me to connect to the feelings and life that I love. I can step back in time and remember a moment or friend or put myself in a place that influences my mood. I enjoy learning about new music and discovering what there is out there.
Schools:University of Mississippi
General Interests:Reading, writing, music, learning, drinking and just about anything that makes me smile.


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