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About me:I'm a laid back girl who enjoys taking in life to the fullest. I love to drink with the best of them and party like a rockstar. You will always see a smile on face because I don't let the little things get to me. I'm a huge goof ball / dork and I love it...
Member Since:May 27, 2007
Last Login:February 26, 2008
Location:Myrtle Beach, SC
Birthday:June 7
Music means to me:Music is a way to express yourself... It can get you through horrible situations, soothe the soul, pump you up,bring back memories or just make you have a fun time and boogie. It is a way to connect to others on a different plain, It is a way to communicate with people when words aren't necessary..You can tell a lot about a person just from the music they listen to... Music is who you are and what you are about
Schools:Nutley High School (NJ), Coastal Carolina University (SC)
General Interests:Partying, Dancing, Surfing, Volley Ball, Yoga, Abs Class, Swimming, Going to the Beach, Walking on the Beach, Concerts, Festivals, Watching movies on a rainy day, hanging out with the people that I love
Other Distractions:Movies: Boondock Saints, Snatch, Lucky # Sleven, Apocolypto, Godfather 2, All Disney Movies, Goodfellas, Liar Liar, Mall Rats, Clerks, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the movie

TV Show: Scrubs (I'm sure I would have more but I don't have cable)

Books: Anything by Mary Higgins Clark


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