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About me:Engineer, amature musician, really amerature writer.

Live outside Chicago in the 'burbs.
Member Since:August 21, 2006
Last Login:May 30, 2010
Location:Batavia, IL
Music means to me:It is the reflection of our soul.
Schools:Purdue Univ.
General Interests:Brain tumors, music (playing and writing my own stuff), gardening, cooking, windsurfing, mountain biking etc...
Also into math and science. Studying electronics right now for fun. Want to start to make my own effect pedals for guitar.
Also working on a Star Wars fan film with some physicist at Fermi. Great story and a lot of great people that I am working with.
Other Distractions:TV - Simpsons, Battlestar, Lost.
Books - Mousical and historical.


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