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About me:I ride a 2007 H-D Road King Custom, have great place in Peoria with my wife, Gina Kennedy, another in Key West. I love quality beers, like all music, especially Blues and Jam.
Member Since:December 28, 2006
Last Login:July 21, 2015
Location:Peoria, IL
Birthday:January 25
Music means to me:Life is null without it. I have ALWAYS been into music. Grew up in a family of musicians. My grandma played piano, organ and squeezebox. My uncles played steel guitars, I played bass guitar, trumpet (still have my 1968 Al Hurt Special) and baritone. Lost my ombuchre? sp. however.
Schools:High School, some college and learning from 50+ years of life!
General Interests:Music, Travel, Festivals, Harley-Davidson Road King, Beer, Beer, Camping, Beer, Did I say Beer?
Other Distractions:Sex when can get it, college basketball Go Illini & Bradley, Key West, Memphis & Summer Camp Festival. And my all time fave TV show is Trailer Park Boys


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