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About me:My name is Kim and I am still living in new orleans. It will take more than Katrina to make me move. I love music. I love music festivals and enjoy making dear friends while enjoying good sounds. I am enjoying helping my brother, who is in the industry. My last fest was moe.'s summercamp, where my boyfriend Tim and I helped to promote the Lee Boys. Check them out. I saw Theresa Anderson and Anders Osborn at Tipitina's on Friday and Billy Iusso and the Restless Natives at Bank's Street Bar on Saturday. I am looking forward to Hot Tuna at HOB on Thursday and Allen Toussaint and Elvis Coatello the following week. I'm very happy and I love my friends, my teenage kids, and my boyfriend.
Member Since:July 9, 2006
Last Login:August 22, 2008
Location:Metairie, LA
Birthday:March 22
Music means to me:An oppoetunity to dance, make pals across the country/ world, and fill my heart with lots of joy. My TV is rarely on, but the music never stops. Listen to the Music!
Schools:Alice HArt Elementary, Edna Karr Jr High, Ben Franklin Senior High, LSU, LSU School of Nursing
General Interests:Camping, festivals, camping festivals, hiking, giving parties, dinner parties, and just recently, disc golf but I suck. I used to be an avid runner 5 miles a day without fail, but I suck at that too, now.
Other Distractions:Coming Home, Resivior Dogs, Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, and my only TV show is that mean chef on Hell's Kitchen.


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