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About me:I love my country and I fear my government!!! I am very mellow and low-key (no drama-rama for me, thanks!), I live for hearing live music, love a good poolside party, especially, when tropical air goes in and around your ears with a gentle breeze. Surfing the web, making things with my hands whether it be food or crafting, I love drinking good coffee in the morning, a good fire, in the evening and always, talkin' story. My dream is to have a little cafe in Hawaii.
Member Since:June 16, 2006
Last Login:July 17, 2015
Location:Rohnert Park, CA
Birthday:April 1
Music means to me:Without music I would shrivle up and die.
Schools:Santa Rosa Junior College
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General Interests:Live Music, Baking, Cooking, Gardening, Craftmaking, Hanging out with Friends, Pool parties
Other Distractions:Websurfing, making movies for the internet


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