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About me:
I'm 23 Years old, love jam bands, reggae is my favorite. I hate winter, I have yet to have a good winter, and the beach is always where I want to be. I love the summer time. I love tan-lines, walking barefoot, laying by the pool, hanging out with my friends, and the freedom that the summer sun gives you. I love holding hands, and kisses on my forehead. ♥ Travis Campbell is my maaaaiiiiiinnn squeeze, and I love him very much. I love laughing until my stomach hurts and the smell after it rains. Music is my muse, and concerts are my infatuation. I love art; painting, photography, drawing, ANYTHING inspiring. Meeting new people is always a fabulous time, if you make me laugh; I like you… bottom-line. At concerts, I will dance until my whole body can’t anymore… in the words of ♥ Krista Susi: “I wanna dance, I was born to dance!”. If I don’t like you… you definitly know. I always mean well, but my mouth gets the best of me sometimes. My dad is the greatest man I know. I can’t date younger boys. I hate breakups. I love makeups. I have a ton of shoes, but usually only wear my flip flops or chucks. I love to smoke... espcially if it's a blunt, and thats me.

“And you can do as you feel

as long as you move…

Two perfect strangers

sharing a groove.”

- 311

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Location:Athens, OH
Birthday:March 5
Music means to me:
“Rhythm give you feeling

like nothin' else quite can,

and the music fills the heart and soul

with faith of love and man.

Bringin out the beauty

of an undiscovered land…
the music is golden.

.. and you can always choose your brand.”

-Dave Katz
DeSales, Slippery Rock University, Ohio University.
General Interests:
Music, music, music...

OSU football, OU, The Reds...

hangin with friends and family and ALWAYS having a good time no matter what I am doing, with a good smoke in the evenings.
Other Distractions:
Wet Hot American Summer and Super Troopers I could watch ALL day, EVERY day. My family and Friends.

I will confess though, I get sucked into trashy reality tv, and i wish i didnt. :).


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festival season...
Wed 12/26/2007 1:16AM
I hate the winter time... and the only thing that gets me through the winter is thinking about Spring... and fabulous festival season. Hoping to go to Langerado to set off the festivals... only about 60 some days... PLEASE COME QUICK!!!!! :) then next off to hookahville 29... i just cant wait, period.

peace& love folks,