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About me:I fell in love with music at a young age, it defines alot of things about me. Without music, life would be a bunch of deadlines and bill paying.
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Music means to me:It's a way of life.
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The Heavy Pets and AMS - Don't let them be unfamiliar
Thu 5/14/2009 4:20PM
Saturday night at Kelly's Logan House in the Del, (my birthday :) Went to go see The Heavy Pets.  I wasn't expecting much, but I was completely blown away.  They were so jammin and funky.  I couldn't keep still while they played.  Good Sounds and very diverse.  Most of the members took turns in lead vocals and it's not very common to hear from all of the band members vocally. 

They were full of energy and were completely in Sync.  I really got down to the song Jackie Bones.  Gotta Love Bands with KEYS!  The Keyboardist Jim was groovin out. 

AMS - All Mighty Senators- Who brings the energy?  AMS!!!  I didn't know about these guys till last summer at the All Good.  They were my favorite band of that line up, probably because they were the biggest surprise.  It's usually better going into a show with NO expactations, that way you aren't disappointed.  They have the man playing the  COW BELL, which rocks.  The lead singer stands up in front and plays the drums while standing out.  He was wearing a pink silk suit with huge white sunglasses.  He came on stage wearing a spongebob backpack.  When I first layed eyes on these guys I wasn't expecting them to come out with the Impact on the festical that they did, but I danced so hard... 

The All Mighty Seantors don't do many shows, so if you get the chance to see them, DON'T pass it up.  They will become one of your favorite acts.  Check them out on YouTube, but even what you will find on there won't do them the justice they deserve as far as an outstanding performance they are capable of.
Hampton 3-6-09
Sat 3/21/2009 4:35PM
How crazy was I to think I wasn't going to go to this Epic event, I almost didn't go, I almost didn't get in, almost.  Fans all around had been hoping this day would come true for 5 years.  If I didn't go, I would have regretted it for sure. 

Thursday at work I was flying around the office with excitment.  People just don't know!  Sucks for them, they don't understand how a show can make you feel energy that is all it's own.  I saw the 18 min MTV unedited version of the 92 interview with Trey and Mike, and about half way through, They explained the feeling so perfectly, check it out.

Daniel and I left Delaware Counnty, PA around 5:45 am to arrive in Hampton around 11 am.  On the way down we discussed what we hoped they would play, Fluffhead was definately predicted the previous when Brian asked me the burrning question of what would be the first they played for us.

I went down thinking I had a Friday night ticket, only to find out that I had a Sunday night ticket I could trade.  People were holding up signs that said $1200 for your Friday night Ticket.

Daniel and I searched far and wide for a ticket.  I kept saying 'It's not like I haven't sat outside the venue and listened to them before.  Turns out a friend I was supposed to follow home from Deer Creek one year had a ticket for 300 from stub hub.  So in a matter of 5 minutes, we got my ticket for the night, then sold my Sunday night for 240.  It was such a rush. 

Before we knew it we were in the venue and they came out with a 17 song set beginning with Fluffhead.  Are you kidding me?  At set break all we could do was try to go through all the songs and recall how they played them so perfectly and precise.  I had never heard them sound so crisp.  They were ready to back, we were ready for them.  It was fantastical.