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About me:I'm 27 but I'm pretty old fashioned. I'm creative, artsy, philosophical, spiritual and loving. The combination of these results in me being a little crazy - but it's nice. I love God, friends, family, nature, music, travel and my beagle - Lexy - and any event that involves a combination thereof. I am ALWAYS up for an adventure. I place my priorities on loving everyone and really living an awesome life.
Member Since:February 27, 2008
Last Login:May 6, 2012
Location:Lake Saint Louis, MO
Birthday:February 28
Music means to me:I appreciate all music. I enjoy catchy tunes, good lyrics, good stage presence, an impressive show, a good crowd and enjoying this all with friends. What I really love, though, is when I am facing a group of spectacular musicians and everything else fades away. The music wraps around me and then - even if I have never heard the song before - it's like I know where they are going with every passing note. It's when the music really grabs me. That's when music moves the soul.
Schools:B. S. - double - Marketing and Management from UMSL
General Interests:Writing, photography, reading, fishing, baseball, camping, floating, horseback riding, cars (classics and big trucks) and i wish I did more paint-balling. I like to play volleyball, softball tennis, and card games. (I still play drinking games, occasionally!)
Other Distractions:I make stuff - stuff for the house, clothes, and yes, even costumes for my dog. (She loves it!)


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