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Member Since:November 11, 2002
Last Login:March 7, 2015
Location:Frederick, MD
Birthday:September 12
Music means to me:Music is a common bond that links all races on Earth for anyone can hum a simple tune or tap a simple beat that transcends race, religion, orientation, politics, etc. The perfect music is spiritual, uplifting, soothing and brings a person back down to Earth no matter how that person felt beforehand.
Schools:Annapolis HS, AACC, Frostburg, George Mason, NVCC
General Interests:sports: soccer, football, basketball, lax,
camping, hiking, boating/sailing,
going to: the beach, mountains
Other Distractions:Orioles, Redskins, Penn State, WVU, Simpsons, Family Guy, ESPN, FoxSports, and most sports in general


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