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About me:Im a 16 year old girl i like to listen to music, hang with friends, paint, draw, and Write

im a lil goofy at times and im probably known as the clown in my group of friends, i dont like labels and dont really like being conventional, so im seen as a little odd at times but i dont mind :)


so yea im easy going and love meeting new people so yea
Member Since:May 14, 2008
Last Login:June 6, 2008
Location:Cle Elum, WA
Birthday:January 21
Music means to me:music is important to me because im constantly listening to it and i write a little, i love goign to concerts and music festivals.
music is a great for having fun and meeting new people which are two of my favorite things to do
Schools:im a sophmore right now ill graduate from high school in 2010
General Interests:a ton of different things:
and hangin out with friends
Other Distractions:mostly i get distracted by myself and guys..... :p lol
ummm yea lol