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About me:I'm a 17 year old, single, pregnant girl living in a low-class town. What can I say? Being a statistic isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Member Since:October 29, 2008
Last Login:November 4, 2008
Location:East Saint Louis, IL
Birthday:January 3
Music means to me:"Did you hear Kayla's been playing piano since she was 3?"
Well, yeah, music's been my EVERYTHING my whole life.
Schools:"Did you hear? Kayla's a high school dropout getting her GED."
Uh oh, bragging rights though. On the pretest my average was 728 per section. What's expected is a 410. I missed exactly one problem in each section, and also got a 4/4 on my essay section. PWND.
General Interests:Political arguments or discussions, religious debates, stand-up comedy, and things relating to drugs.
Other Distractions:My biggest distraction is that I'm a psychological/sociological analyst in my downtime. It's very hard for me to try to concentrate in public environments because I just want to watch everybody and study what they're doing. It's kind of annoying, I guess, when I tell people WHY they're doing what they're doing, but some actually get this weird ass mental click and realize 'Hey. She might be right.' Yeah, I've never been to school for it, it's just common sense to me.


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