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About me:i live in shawnee, ks. i love music festivals, especially schwag stock, going to shows, traveling, people, dancing, decorating my room, and i really believe in trying to achieve peace, love, and happiness in my life. i have friends in many places and i wouldnt have if any other way.
Member Since:March 30, 2007
Last Login:July 28, 2011
Location:Shawnee, KS
Music means to me:music helped me find myself and pretty much made me the person that i am today. it introduced me to the coolest people ever, and made me have hope that one day the world wont be so shitty.
General Interests:bike riding, taoism, meditation bowls, politics, changing the world, expanding the mind, singing though i suck, fish, tie-die, art, making art, looking at art, talking, meeting new people, LIVING
Other Distractions:school, family, volunteering


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