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About me:i love music. I'm pretty outgoing and spontaneous. i love meeting new people so get to know me. I could probably teach you a thing or two.
Member Since:October 22, 2007
Last Login:June 7, 2012
Location:Athens, GA
Birthday:February 1
Music means to me:A way to get down and boogy. At the very deepest place in me there is a conviction music is the universal language of healing. Music evokes an emotional response in people, and at the very core of all healing is emotion. For me, music is just something in me. I can't imagine my life without it. Everywhere I go, I'm either listening to music, or some tune is playing in my head. It's part of me.
Schools:Glynn Academy, then sent to St. Tim's boarding school for girls in Maryland (fuck that place). University of Georgia!
General Interests:dancing, experimentation, art, new people, good conversations, good food, the dank headies, sleeping, camping, hiking, kayaking, rafting, skiing, boating, the beach, nature in general, getting lost in my thoughts, lucid dreaming, concepts people come up with when they're high, skinny dipping and taking pictures.
Other Distractions:fear and loathing, my ipod,, cooking, the occassional late night cig, texting, late night waffle house, acquiring my sisters id, adderall, writing letters, trying to keep myself from getting bored, finding new meanings of life, trying to better myself, working on patience and rationality.

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