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About me:im verry out going i guess.... i love to play sports ecpecially ice hockey but im also in a band. i LOVE scremo and i love playing the key bored/ drums/ and singing. my friends would describe me as crazy, loud, im boy carazy and at times i am nice.
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Music means to me:a a way of life wiht out music thered be no reason to live
Schools:im in high school
General Interests:1 boy who is just perfect
and ice hockey
Other Distractions:um......... i love fireflys


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a hard life at boarding school
Tue 8/5/2008 3:59PM

i dont really write in this but y not? do you ever fell like no one noe's what you going through but they all think they do??? i hate whan people insist they no how your feeling but deep down the really dont??? its hard being away from you family all the time and just being able to say hi on the phone every once in a while. sometimes i wish i would have never made the chose to go to boarding school.