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Member Since:August 27, 2007
Last Login:April 18, 2010
Location:Tempe, AZ
Birthday:October 22
Music means to me:..Everything. I have much to say but much too little to put in words.
Schools:Currently Full-time at LCCC. Planning to transfer cross- country to a four year university, eventually majoring in Journalism.
General Interests:Everything interests me.. I often catch myself wondering about the life of of inanimate objects. And then i think of how deep im getting into thought, which leads me to think of how i would write it. and eventually i end at the madness of thoughts.. in themselves. So that interests me. My lively passions include but are not limited to; writing, poetry, music, sunshine, reading, love, laying around in soft grass, feeling refreshed upon waking up, piano, guitar, banjo, instruments, learning new things, camping, subways, the sound of splashing water, influencing others not to litter, history.. and trying to imagine myself then, babies, long drives, fresh sheets, midnight walks, the maxwell show on 100.7, walking around aimlessly, cuddling, being pushed to my limit, traveling, things that make me say aw, the future, nogalistic smells, how wonderfully some can draw, life, animals, seeing bob dylan atleast 2 more times before he stops touring, the mind, going to random shows and seeing random people, wearing comfy clothes, boxing, playing with my 2 dogs and puppy, tieing hemp and crafting other items of sort , everything to do with nature, I wish I could have been alive to tour with the dead, hiking, i love to play basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and anything that is fun. No matter what im doing im always busy.
Other Distractions:The world.


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