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About me:grew up in the sticks, a bit south of syracuse. Lived in Ithaca for a while, london for a much shorter while, and moved back to the 'cuse a couple years ago. Relocated to Asheville, NorthCarolina on Decmeber 1st, and am looking forward to exploring my new surroundings.
Member Since:August 24, 2006
Last Login:February 21, 2011
Location:Syracuse, NY
Birthday:February 4
Music means to me:Wow, what doesn't music mean to me? I guess music means different things depending on my mood and who i'm sharing it with. Music means dancing till dripping with sweat. Music means crying until there are no tears left. Music can mean solace. Local music means connection to your community and the people within it. Music can be a mode of expression when you can't find your own words. Music can be an escape... or a reality check! Music is the ultimate freedom in the moments when you feel most trapped.
Schools:Onondaga Central Jr./Sr. High School, Ithaca College
General Interests:Bicycling, travelling when I can, hiking, camping, swimming, canoeing, reading, live music, painting, movies, star-gazing, anything outside. I love S.U. basketball.
Other Distractions:the Shawshank Redemption, Sideways, Carlito's Way, Goodfellas, 50 First Dates. I love to watch animated movies and "adult" cartoons- I guess the kid in me will never grow up! I didn't watch much TV before. . . but now I have cable! I'm an ER fan from way back, I love Roseanne; I don't have showtime, but I got into watching Dexter with my friend Jimmy (Michael C. Hall of Six Feet Under plays a serial killer who kills serial killers). Books: She's Come Undone, Brave New World, The Giver, The Celestine Prophecy... the list goes on and on.


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