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About me:The thought of the sixth planet from the sun conjures up bright colors and those mysterious rings. SATURN, 'THE COOLEST PLANET ON PLANET EARTH.' A Los Angeles based band founded in 1996 by Memphis native, Kashan Ramahn (formerly Ernest Griffin, Crenshaw High graduate and radio voice of the Cougars Basketball, Football and Baseball).

Saturn incorporates funk, R&B and soul with elements of smooth jazz and gospel. The band has been labeled as one of the most innovative groups to hit the music market. Performing much of their original material to standing ovations, Saturn's talents have earned them much recognition by industry notables for their writing, arrangements and high-energy stage performances. Visually dynamic on stage, the unique sound of Saturn is hard hitting. Blending ethereal, harmonic vocals with slick, but polished grooves and tight, powerful rhythms are surrounded by the swirling horn arrangements of the 'Rings Of Saturn' horn section.

Appealing to mass cultures, Saturn has shared the stage with rock alternative bands, crossing the color lines, genre barriers and winning new fans, young and old alike at every show. 'We feel the audience and that energy is transferable, taking us to a higher place.' says leader, Kashan Ramahn, who plays bass and handles the male lead and back-ground vocal duties for the group. Johnny McLeod (Guitar & Background-Vocals) and Norm 'Thundersticks' Lane (Drums).

Ramahn recently spoke with Lisa Marie ("LISA MARIE SINGS") on collaborating a reunion. She brings back that fresh, look and feel to the group, with her own sexy vocal stylings, as well as her writing skills. Her vocal collaborations with Ramahn are fun, with each song a colorful, musical adventure into the very core of the Saturn mystique. A soulful journey which at show's end, you'll be screaming for an encore; even if you know that 'MIDNIGHT LIFE' is the last song, when McLeod utters the famous 'that's all folks' line at the end of the song.

The in your face, 'Rings Of Saturn' horn section featuring Wynell Montgomery (Saxophone), Dathan Dedman (Trumpet & Flugelhorn) and Rembert James (Trombone) add fire and juiced-up punch to Saturn's planetary groove and jazz infused foundation, creating silky soul and pure unadulterated funk. Jehiel Brek Veronar ignites the bands fusion filled chords on keyboards. On special occasions, the group will utilize an extra guitarist, a percussionist, and three background vocalists to round out their rich unique sound with layers and layers of rhythm.

In addition to the soulful music of 'THE COOLEST PLANET ON PLANET EARTH,' the choreography, special effects, fog, lasers, lights, spacemen and a replica of the planet itself are dynamically stunning and something to behold. But it's the music led by the charismatic, Ramahn whose hyper-sensative energy on stage takes him here, there, and everywhere. Totally in sync with the thundering drums of Lane, without missing a note. 'Yeah, Kashan is all over the place. Now you see him, now you don't,' quips McLeod with a volumeous laugh.

Saturn finally returns to their own brand new state-of-the-art recording studio(The Planet) to finish laying down the tracks for their debut album, 'Light Of Life' on their new independent record label, Phonzari Records. There will be 13 songs on the debut of the CD which will include the silky - smooth ballad, 'LOVE STARTS WITH YOU' is sure to become the new wedding anthem. The spicy - salsa filled, 'COMING FROM THE HEART' will inspire you to take salsa lessons, while the tell it like it is , message driven, 'KEEP IT REAL' does just that. Marie holds her own with three covers: two by Loose Ends, 'SLOW DOWN' with the immediate distinct guitar riffs of McLeod. 'WATCHING YOU' is a funky, bass fueled montage of scat vocals by Marie, Ramahn, and McLeod, blending perfectly to a high energy climax. The third is their version of '(WANNA BE FREE) FREE', that would make Denise Willliams proud. Shevelle on 'SO FINE' is engaging, alluring and down right sassy. The Earth, Wind and Fire - like title track, 'LIGHT OF LIFE,' is a song about faith, hope, prayer, destiny, victory and peace. 'You can't have one without the other. Most people don't understand that,' Ramahn says. The soaring, angelic - like vocals come through crystal clear and oh, those heaven - sent horns.Ramahn handles Executive Producer duties and shares the producer title with fellow bass extraordinaire Jardine Wilson on the 'Light Of Life' project.
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