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About me:Karla Davis is a 23 year old acoustic artist from monroe, north carolina. driven by the church, it was the choir that invoked her musical spirit. this shy songwriter learned to let her voice set her free from the entrapments of shyness. “i didn’t start playing guitar until about two years ago when a friend of mine tried to teach me three chords – miserable failure! my fingers were blistered and i was more frustrated than anything else," says Karla. i finally decided to try playing along with a song on the radio . . . and somehow i could".

though Karla learned to read music in church as a child, she plays guitar completely by ear. traditionally, artists’ embrace their love for music tightly due to the lack of support by family and peers to understand their passion. this is not the case for Karla. her family and peers are immensely supportive in every aspect of her quest. her goal has been to put on solid performances in front of adoring and loyal fans anywhere in the world .

Karla’s song “a day away” reaches an audience that searches for a desired love that is described in her song by saying "a day away from you is a day too long." Karla has been inspired by such artists as Eva Cassidy, Joss Stone, Janis Joplin, Etta James and John Legend and Jason Mraz. some have likened her to international artist Colbie Caillat.

Karla is hoping to touch all who listen to her music. through her soulful sound and her inspiring lyrics she hopes to better the lives of those who listen to her music. K arla would like to inspire others to live by her favorite quote by gandhi, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
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Tue 10/27/2009 2:18PM
Hey hey everyone,

Well, I am officially sponsored by Takamine.  I will be playing a new Limitied Edition 2009 model--I should be getting it here in the next few days.  Woooow, still trying to grasp that one.  So many thanks to all the great people at Takamine for believing in me!

So I'm living in Nashville now and pursuing music.  I've gotten to meet so many awesome people and some really amazing songwriters.  I guess I will give you the rundown of my life right now--here goes...

I'm living in an apartment in Hendersonville, TN -- it's pretty nice buuuut I'm prrrretty sure that the people who lived here before left ooone little thing behind....a lot of pee from an animal.  I know, that is disgusting...but imagine living in an apartment that constantly smells like pee...it's awful.  At first I was blaming it all on Mimi (my midget puppy that is somewhat of a pee-a-holic...but it's not her.  Sorry Mimi.  So hopefully our apartment people will come and fix it.  Okay, so that's the only bad thing really.  Everything else is going really well.  I've been to a lot of open mics and everyone has been incredibly encouraging!  I will be in the studio all day tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday recording three different songs for Daniel Starr, a songwriter I've been working with.  From there I will be doing a lot of demo work.

Good News - I'm not poor or starving....yet.

Bad News -  Carrie Underwood isn't my friend...YET!!!

Okay, so, that's it for now..

BEST VIDEO (in Jack Ingram's bracket!!!   http://bit.ly/rRhpP