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About me:Gone from punk rocker to hippie to indie fan over the last 15 years. Rather typical, and I still listen to almost all of it. Music has always run through my blood. Not a musician per say, but an avid fan. Always looking for something new and interesting.
Member Since:July 16, 2008
Last Login:October 29, 2008
Location:Chicago, IL
Birthday:June 7
Music means to me:It is the lifeblood that keeps this world from being a complete piece of garbage.
Schools:Shawnee Mission East High, Class of '97
Emporia Sate University, '97 -'04
BFA Theatre
BA English
General Interests:Theatre, Writing, Film, Fiction, Sleeping, Cooking then Eating, and Breathing.
Other Distractions:That about sums it up!


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