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About me:I'm Kate, 16.
I'm from lil' rhody..... ghetto by the sea
Member Since:October 31, 2006
Last Login:April 11, 2010
Location:Westerly, RI
Birthday:February 13
Music means to me:Music is the background. backdrop to my life, sets the scene for any day. fixes and effects my mood. It's kind of like an extension of myself? I go to shows not just for the msuic, but for the energy. it's the boost that gets me up in the morning and brings me to sleep at night. I never chose it, it just happened. music has always, always been a part of me.. since the womb.
Schools:westerly high school
General Interests:music:percussion, vocals
art: photography, painting/sketching
literature: writing/ reading
sports: definately do not appeal to me.
I'm into science: the mind, but i'm also into the arts, and saving the planet. i don't know specifically what i want to be when i'm older. I only know I want to help people.
Other Distractions:"trippin' balls". The Y... owns my soul. school newspaper. UFO (ultimate frisbee). concerts.. fo' sho'.


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