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About me:Kammy's Kause has spent the last 4 years (2004-2008) raising money and awareness for the rare chromosome disorder 4p- , Wolf-Hirschhorne Syndrome. There are approx. 150 cases in the world right now that we know of and research is very limited. Now in it's 5th year Kammy's Kause has raised over $35,000 for the 4p-Support Group!!! This year , the 5th year, we plan on raising over $30,000 alone!!! Two days of music and good people all for a great Kause.
Member Since:April 21, 2008
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Location:Indianapolis, IN
Birthday:December 8
Music means to me:Music is everything, it's the common thread that weaves it's way through all of humanity. Music is a heartbeat created by nature and perfected by man. Music brings souls from every corner of the world together in an effort to bring this world little bit closer together. Music reminds you of moments in your life. Good, bad, horrible or amazing. Music itself creates the soundtrack to your life. Music is the one language everyone can speak. Music has no beginning, no end, only the constant waves of rhythm crashing against the shores of our minds reminding us that there's an ocean just beyond our feet. Music is life.


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