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About me:I live in Southwest Florida, technically Englewood, near Sarasota. I love most of what I've heard through the Jam scene. Especially Dead, Dylan, String Cheese, Widespread, etcetera. I'm 25 years old and am soon moving into an apartment with my honey, Jeffrey. Where are all the phreaks down here?!
Member Since:January 3, 2004
Last Login:December 29, 2012
Location:Lincoln, NE
Birthday:January 11
Music means to me:Life. Love. L-I-V-I-N'
Schools:Hamline University, Bemidji State University
General Interests:Music, Nature, People, Phriends
Other Distractions:Love "The Wall," both the movie and the CDs. Big "Lost" fan, even though I don't get to watch it much this year. Was an Anne Rice fan for many years, looking for some good author to get hooked on other than Irvine Welsh. (Woo-hoo.) Loved "House of Leaves," the book, by Darren Aronofski. Got hooked on "Pi," the movie, but hated "Requiem for a Dream."


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